Resident Evil 7 Graphics Compared Across Platforms, Digital Foundry Says PS4 “Nails the Experience”

Zarmena Khan

Capcom has been earning quite a lot of praise for Resident Evil 7 biohazard, particularly for what many consider the series’ return to its roots with the latest entry. The developer hasn’t disappointed in the graphics department either, with Digital Foundry noting that it’s visually “excellent” across all platforms (PlayStation 4/Pro, Xbox One, PC). However, as with all other games, the outlet has come up with a graphics comparison video (above) and analysis, concluding that the PS4 version “offers the complete package.”

Here’s what Digital Foundry has to say in its verdict:

The PS4 nails the experience with a native 1080p presentation, HDR support, and a solid 60fps update, while the PS4 Pro offers up a minor resolution boost and tweaks in lighting. Minor texture switching issues aside, both of Sony’s consoles provide a great way of playing Resident Evil 7, with PSVR allowing for a more up-close and personal take on the chilling gameplay. By comparison, the Xbox One showing isn’t quite as solid, with a small hit to image quality over the PS4 and frame-rates that fall short of sustaining a locked 60fps. The experience is still excellent overall and shouldn’t stop fans from picking up the game. But if you’re looking for absolute consistency in the experience, PlayStation is the way to go.

Worth noting that the PC version offers the best presentation and performance overall but due to the absence of VR support, it’s the PS4 version that’s considered the “complete package.”

[Source: Eurogamer]

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