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Top 5 Things We Want to See in the Next Major PS4 Update

With Sony announcing that it’s conducting a beta for the PlayStation 4’s next major update, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle decided to gather our collective minds and come up with our top five PS4 update 4.50 features we want the most to be included in the firmware rollout.

Hit play in the video above to see which new features we want to see rolled out in PS4 update 4.50 in this week’s Top 5 Tuesday video feature. Just a thought, we only included features that we think, is realistically doable.

Agree with our choices? Did we miss anything that you think Sony can and should roll out for PS4 firmware update 4.50? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget, the firmware beta signups are live, with the major console update testing phase happening this February.

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