Ubisoft Doesn’t Want to Add New Modes to Rainbow Six Siege

At a preview event for Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Velvet Shell content update, which launches tomorrow, Creative Director Xavier Marquis told PC Gamer they don’t want to add new modes.

“It’s something that we do not want to do,” Marquis said, later adding, “The map can be different, the operators can be different, but we need something static and that is Siege mode. Siege is the center of everything.”

PC Gamer also interviewed Brand Director Alexandre Remy, who explained why there aren’t any new modes coming to Rainbow Six Siege:

We’re constantly looking and prototyping. But the thing is, when doing that we concluded that there are some foundations to Siege that we want to keep: attack versus defense, destruction, operators, and [only having] one life. That is the DNA of the game, so when you look at what game modes would sufficiently refresh the experience but remain faithful to those rules, there’s not that many. Siege is its own game mode.

Back when Siege was first released, the team thought they were going to make new content, Remy admits, “but as we moved forward we realized there’s so much depth with operators and destruction. That has a lot to offer, so the focus is always going to be on refreshing the meta with operators and new maps.”

Year Two of Siege officially begins tomorrow with Operation Velvet Shell, and it adds two of the eight operators coming in 2017. While the game will have 36 operators by the end of this year, Remy says 50 is the minimum they want.

Over the weekend, Ubisoft revealed that Season 2 of Year Two will be available in May, with Season 3 and Season 4 following in August and November, respectively:

In addition to all of the Operation Velvet Shell content, tomorrow’s Rainbow Six Siege update will include the new dynamic navigation interface, making all activities such as challenges, news, and boosters available in the same place.

We’ll post the full patch notes tomorrow once Velvet Shell is available to download.

[Source: PC Gamer, Rainbow 6 Game]