Action Sports Game Disc Jam Enters Beta on PS4, Sign-Ups Live

An action sports game for one to four players, Disc Jam from High Horse Entertainment entered beta today on PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe. Sign-ups are now live on High Horse’s website, and it appears as though codes are going out almost instantly.

Noting that Disc Jam has “changed a TON from our announce trailer,” studio founder Timothy Rapp talked about how the beta includes a 2v2 doubles mode:

Throughout development, it’s been critical for matchmaking that we only offer the singles mode (1v1) to help players around the world find opponents with a good connection. Now that Disc Jam is nearing completion, and with the hopes of getting some solid stress testing on our network, we are activating singles and doubles for the PS4 beta. In addition, we’ve made some exciting new changes to the mode including an updated court, as well as a complete overhaul to the pass mechanic.


Because defending your end zone in doubles was too easy on the singles court, the court was widened by a few feet to compensate for the extra player. Additionally, some changes were made to passing so it doesn’t become the default strategy:

To address this, we redesigned passing so that your timing is graded just like the other throws in the game. Your teammate can now only throw as hard as the incoming pass, so a poorly timed pass to your teammate at the net will severely hamper their offensive power. With this new implementation, choosing to pass is a much more strategic decision which includes a layer of difficulty that the previous mechanic lacked. However, if executed properly, the pass mechanic is still quite powerful, enabling teams to charge the net and maximize their offensive potential!

If you’re wondering how the multiplayer works, Rapp said, “Any combination of 1-4 players online or local! A favorite way to play is two local players jump on the same team and matchmake doubles online!”

Will you be signing up for the Disc Jam beta?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]