6 Vita Games That Made Me Cry

Over the years, we’ve sure got a lot of great Vita games. But there are a lot of haters out there who just don’t realize how much gold is stacked up in this powerhouse’s library. Well get ready to see how wrong you are — and grab a tissue box while you’re at it — because these are six super-sad Vita games that made me cry real tears.

I have three Vitas and I used to sit them down and let them hang out with each other, until they got a little bit snippy and started excluding me from the group. That was enough of that.

But for real, did you ever drop your handheld and cry? I did in the above examples (well, the ones that are actual games), to varying degrees ranging from “just a little misty” to face-mashing streams of tears.

Off the top of my head, the endings of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and later Final Fantasy Type-0 got me good on PSP.

I teared up when I played a certain part of Chrono Trigger, since I never made it far on the SNES was only getting to the big story stuff on my PSP.

A current Japanese replay of Final Fantasy VII saw me getting just a little misty during the Gold Saucer date night. It’s just too cute. What I wonder is this: did I mist up because it’s nostalgic and I’ve seen that moment like five or six times, or were my heartstrings tugged anew? Probably a mixture.

Either way, we come again to that not being necessarily a Vita game, and I get all mad about the way this system was (mis)handled. Thanks for sticking with me through the joke. Shit, when I thought this piece up, it was gonna be just the gallery and then leave it at that. I didn’t mean to end up getting all sincere afterward. I’ll knock that off!