NA, EU Finally Get Deemo: Last Recital

Deemo may have “never left without saying goodbye,” but as far as North America and Europe are concerned, there was never even a “Hello.” This spring, there will be.

Thanks to publishers PM Studios and acttil, the piano-pounding rhythm game will make its way to both the European and North American markets via their respective PlayStation Network storefronts. Yes, that sadly means no physical release, but hey, up until this point, there was nothing at all for these regions. It was released in Japan and Asian territories in 2015; first digital, later physical.

An exact release date was not specified. The press release only mentions spring.

I’ve played this game on my Android tablet and my Vita and completely adore it. In its release year, I treated myself to the Vita version on my birthday. I downloaded it, immediately full-comboed “Dream,” then collapsed backwards crying because it reminds me of my dead grandpa.

I miss him.