Gravity Rush 2’s Kat Getting NieR: Automata Costume as DLC

In a NieR: Automata PlayStation video presentation titled “PlayStation Matsuri Presents: NieR: Automata Special Talk Live,” Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia announced that Gravity Rush 2 protagonist Kat, will receive a NieR: Automata outfit worn by that game’s protagonist, 2B.

Aside from the costume being released as DLC, no further details such as the release date, etc., have been released. You can watch the NieR: Automata PlayStation video feature above. And yes, it’s in Japanese.

Stay tuned to our NieR: Automata review hitting the site soon! Our own resident JRPG nut Martin is playing through it as we speak. You can also check out our Gravity Rush 2 review right here.

[Source: Games Talk via Gematsu]