Irrational Games Becomes Ghost Story Games, Ken Levine Is President & Creative Director

Three years ago, Irrational Games was ‘wound down‘. Today, twelve former Irrational developers have announced the formation of Ghost Story Games, a studio whose goal is to “create immersive, story-driven games for people who love games that ask something of them.”

Ghost Story isn’t ready to share details on their new game, but they did say, “While we believe our new games will have strong appeal to fans of BioShock, our new focus allows us to craft experiences where the gameplay is as challenging as the stories.”

Here’s a look at some of the developers working at Ghost Story:

  • Ken Levine – President, Creative Director
  • Don Roy – Executive Director: Production
  • Shawn Robertson – Art Director
  • Andres Gonzalez – Lead Game Designer
  • Mike Snight – Lead Level Builder
  • Jennie Morse – Associate Producer I
  • Emma Clarkson – Associate Producer II
  • Seth Kendall – Senior Animator

Discussing the studio, Kendall said, “Real focus on making core games for core gamers. Emphasis on making games with inspiring and intriguing story and characters, with a high quality bar for execution. Deep interest in finding innovative solutions to problems that have plagued game development for decades. The world and IP we are creating is richly specific and original, and conveys both wonder and nostalgia.”

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