Spike Chunsoft Might Be Revealing Something Pro Wrestling-Related Next Week

Spike Chunsoft has launched a teaser website containing the short clip above, hinting at revealing something next week that has to do with pro wrestling.

The website also links to a Twitter account with the handle @sc_prowrestling. The profile name at the moment is “3/2 in San Francisco.” This is possibly hinting at a reveal during GDC 2017, which is taking place in San Francisco from Monday, February 27 to Friday, March 3. The teaser website’s URL also contains the numbers “170302.”

Do you think we’re getting a new pro wrestling IP or another Fire Pro Wrestling title? Let us know.

Whatever it is, we should find out on Thursday and will keep our readers posted. In the meantime, feel free to speculate. For GDC 2017 coverage thus far, head over here and stay tuned for more.

[Source: Spike Chunsoft (Twitter, webpage)]