fire pro wrestling world trailers

Two New Fire Pro Wrestling World Trailers Released in English

Via the official PlayStation YouTube channel, a new “overview” trailer has been released for the soon to release Fire Pro Wrestling World. Another new trailer was paired with it, featuring New Japan Pro Wrestling stars Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi goofing around and promoting the game. Both Fire Pro Wrestling World trailers are capitalizing on the international success of NJPW, especially the recent rise in popularity of Kenny Omega, who is the company’s current champion.

The overview trailer was released earlier in Japanese, but has of course been translated to English. It briefly goes over all the features in the game, after acknowledging the long history of Fire Pro Wrestling going all the way back to 1989. The series is perhaps best known for its intense and deep customization options, which ranges from setting up your own custom movesets to designing your own title belts and arenas.

Of course, the other major selling point is the collaboration with New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is unique to the PlayStation 4 release of Fire Pro Wrestling World. Not only can you play as several wrestlers from the real-life promotion (Fire Pro is historically all fictional characters), but there’s a new single-player campaign mode called Fighting Road, which lets you take on the role of a New Japan Pro Wrestling Hopeful and learn the ins and outs of the game in the process.

Fire Pro Wrestling World releases for the PlayStation 4 on August 28.