Horizon Zero Dawn’s 1080p PS4 Pro Mode Only Offers Minor Frame-Rate Improvements, Says Digital Foundry

Taking a look at Horizon Zero Dawn’s new PlayStation 4 Pro mode included in the day one patch, Digital Foundry has revealed that it doesn’t bring too many benefits for players – because the game’s performance was already so good to begin with.

Instead of offering an unlocked frame-rate at 1080p resolution, Horizon’s ‘favor performance’ mode aims to put the frame-rate closer to the 30fps target at 1080p. It mostly succeeds in that respect, but since Horizon was hovering around 28fps – 30fps in 4K to begin with, Digital Foundry says it’s “fundamentally not that much of a game-changer.”

They add:

For 1080p users, effectively you’re offered a small bump to performance but only very rarely, at the expense of losing excellent SSAA coverage. Meanwhile for 4K display users, you’re trading one of the very best ultra HD presentations available on PS4 Pro for the same minor increase in game fluidity. It’s an interesting option to have, but we’ll be sticking with the default profile that favors 4K resolution.

Horizon Zero Dawn was released today in North America (our review), and those in Europe who pre-ordered the digital version can begin playing tonight at midnight.

To learn more about the narrative and dialogue choices of Horizon Zero Dawn, check out this video from Sony and Guerrilla:

Will you be playing Horizon Zero Dawn this week?

[Source: Eurogamer, PlayStation Europe, PlayStation]