Eve: Gunjack Now at Over 500,000 Units Sold

While it’s already known that the PlayStation VR is selling very, very well, it seems we now know what the best selling PSVR game is to date.

In a chat with GamesIndustry, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson revealed that sci-fi shooter Eve: Gunjack has now crossed the 500,000 units sold barrier. This figure, muses Petursson, means that Gunjack is the best selling PSVR to date — at least as far as we know.

There were a lot of releases on the VR front. And even if the VR market is in its early stages, if you’re fortunate enough to have started early and really worked hard at it you can have success in the VR space. Gunjack now has sold over a half-million copies, which I think is a record – I’m certainly gonna claim it until somebody tells me they’ve sold more.

PSVR or no PSVR, 500K units sold is nothing to sneeze at. It’s just a tad more impressive when you factor in the PSVR thing, no? If you still haven’t picked it up, check out our review to see whether it’s your cup of tea.

Do you think there’s a PSVR game that sold more than Gunjack? If so, which one?

[Source: Games Industry via MCV]