The Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Set a Ubisoft Record With 6.8 Million Players

Ubisoft announced today that 6.83 million unique players participated in the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta phases, setting a company record for biggest beta phase. It appears as though The Division was the previous record holder with 6.4 million players.

Giving out some Beta stats, Ubisoft said more than two billion minutes were played, more than 60% of players played the Open Beta in co-op, it took players in the Open Beta an average of seven hours to complete main missions (the Open Beta offered two of the 21 provinces available in the full game), 43.7 million teammates were saved, there were 1.2 billion kills, people base jumped 12.4 million times, and the companion app was downloaded 100,000 times.

If you participated in any of the Betas, and play Ghost Recon Wildlands by March 31 using the same Ubisoft account, you’ll receive access to the Unidad Conspiracy reward. “This reward includes three exclusive missions set in the Media Luna region, one of the Unidad strongholds, and will be available for download post-launch,” Ubisoft explains. They also add that the Unidad Conspiracy reward may be sold separately or given away at a later date.

Ghost Recon Wildlands releases on March 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. According to the European PlayStation Store, the digital version will be around 38GB.

You can see the full Ghost Recon Wildlands Trophy list over here.

Since it began in 2001, the Ghost Recon franchise has sold more than 24 million units worldwide.

[Source: Ubisoft Blog, PlayStation Store]