Sniper Elite 4 Update 1.03 Today on PS4 Fixes a Game Progress Bug

Just 27MB, Sniper Elite 4 update 1.03 today on PlayStation 4 fixes a “rare but important bug where game progress could be lost when save profile data got too large.” If you’ve already lost progress, Rebellion says “the game will attempt to load the incomplete profile and re-issue as much progress as possible.”

They add:

  • Players that have experienced this problem should now find their Sharpshooter Tokens refunded and previously purchased weapons locked. They will need to visit the loadout screen and re-purchase those weapons.
  • Mastery/upgrade progress will not be lost, even if weapons are now locked (until re-purchased)
  • All unlocked DLC weapons are unaffected.

An Xbox One version of the patch will arrive later this week.

If you’re still experiencing the save issue, Rebellion says to contact tech support.

A bigger Sniper Elite 4 patch is in the works to fix other reported issues, but Rebellion hasn’t said when it will be available.

Paid post-launch DLC plans for Sniper Elite 4 include new campaign missions, characters, weapons, and more. All multiplayer maps and modes will be released for free.

[Source: Rebellion, Sniper Elite]