Guerrilla Games Is Investigating Horizon Zero Dawn Crashing Issues During the Opening Cinematic (Update)

Update: Guerrilla Games offered up this temporary workaround for those with a physical copy of Horizon Zero Dawn:

  1. After the game has crashed please restart your PS4
  2. After your PS4 has restarted, leave the Horizon Zero Dawn disc in the PS4 for 2 hours while the PS4 is powered on and idle
  3. Then start the game again

If you were unable to watch the opening cinematic in-game, you can view it again under Extras > Intro Movie.

Guerrilla is investigating the crashing issues during cinematic sequences “with the highest priority.”

Original Story: Following reports that Horizon Zero Dawn was crashing during the opening cinematic, developer Guerrilla Games has issued a statement saying they’re investigating the issue:

We’re aware that a small number of players have encountered an issue while viewing the opening cinematic of Horizon Zero Dawn. We apologize for the inconvenience, and want to assure you that we’re currently looking at the problem and investigating solutions.

Guerrilla Games Community Manager Jeroen Roding added, “We are working hard to getting to the bottom of this. The more information we can gather from here the easier it will be for us to narrowing down on the problem and fixing it. We are fully aware that this isn’t how you where expecting to experience Horizon Zero Dawn and to be honest neither had we.”

If you’re experiencing the issue and want to report it to Guerrilla, make sure to include which PlayStation 4 you’re using, whether it’s a disc or download version of Horizon Zero Dawn, and whether you use the stock HDD or a replaced HDD.

If you’ve been unable to watch the opening cinematic, we’ve placed it above.

A few players on Reddit also experienced an issue where dialogue audio randomly cuts out. “Thanks for sharing, we will check in with the devs to see what is up,” Roding said in the thread.

Yesterday, PlayStation Japan uploaded this live-action Horizon Zero Dawn trailer:

Have you experienced any technical issues with Horizon Zero Dawn?

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