Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia Managing Director Made Redundant

After an almost 25-year stint as managing director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia and New Zealand, Michael Ephraim has officially been made redundant, according to a statement to GameSpot by a Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia spokesperson.

The statement reads that the reason for the redundancy is the transition of the company’s PlayStation business from two organizations, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment, into a single entity in Sony Interactive Entertainment.

According to the statement, the “Australian and New Zealand businesses will now have a different corporate reporting regime,” hinting that SIE Australia and New Zealand could be absorbed by another organization such as Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

The opportunity to have been involved from the launch of the original PlayStation has been a once in a lifetime experience. I want to thank everyone across the PlayStation family and specifically all the incredible staff that I’ve had the pleasure to work with here at PlayStation ANZ. I wish everyone continued success in their personal endeavours and also for the SIE organization.

Michael joined Sony in 1992 after his time as a sales director for the now defunct Sega Ozisoft. He led the organization through the launch of four generations of PlayStation consoles in Australia and New Zealand, from the original PlayStation console to the current PlayStation 4.

[Source: GameSpot]