PSA: Horizon Zero Dawn Soundtrack Out on Spotify

In case you missed it, Horizon Zero Dawn‘s official soundtrack is available on Spotify a week before its wider release. Considered a “huge departure” from Guerrilla’s usual style, the album consists of eighty tracks, ranging from tribal rhythms to vocal performances. You can check it out here.

To mark its release on Spotify, PlayStation blog published an interview with Horizon Zero Dawn‘s composers, talking at length about the game’s music. Joris de Man said of his collaboration with the team:

I feel it’s been an absolute joy to rise to the challenge of plotting Aloy’s journey musically, and to follow the roads less travelled. From bowed dobros and guitars to fujaras, live strings, massive taiko drums and circuit-bended synthesizers, I hope players will enjoy the soundtrack as much as we had making it!

Another composer Joe Henson added that it was a pleasure to work with Guerrilla who were “so dedicated to their unique vision.” “The colors, the machines, the fall and rebirth of mankind; these were all deeply inspiring to us as composers,” he said.

Did our readers enjoy the soundtrack?

[Source: PlayStation]