PlayStation VR Aim Controller & Farpoint Bundle Costs $79.99 USD/€89.99

When it launches on May 16 in North America and May 17 in Europe, the PlayStation VR Aim Controller will have a bundle for $79.99 USD/$99.99 CAD/€89.99/£74.99 that includes Farpoint, Sony has announced. If you just want the Aim Controller on its own, Amazon says it will cost $59.99 USD.

Only confirmed to be compatible with Farpoint so far (more compatible games will be announced “soon”), the PSVR Aim Controller uses its built-in motion sensors and sphere to work with the PlayStation Camera to track your movements. There’s also built-in rumble features, which “deliver immersive real-time feedback every time you squeeze the trigger,” and a rechargeable battery.


Here’s the Aim Controller’s description:

Discover a new level of intense action with the PSVR aim controller, created for PlayStation VR to enhance your adventures and bring incredible precision to compatible PSVR games.

Take down targets with deadly accuracy, feel the controller vibrate in your hands and stay immersed in every skirmish thanks to built-in motion sensors and intuitive DualShock 4 controls.

  • Precision Gunplay – Integrated motion sensors and a built-in light sphere work with the PlayStation Camera to keep your shots on target and movements lightning-fast.
  • Complete Immersion – Feel the kick as you fire and see your controller replicated as a virtual weapon, giving you a physical connection to your VR world.
  • Adaptive Control – Move through virtual worlds with twin sticks and DualShock 4 controls, built for left and right handed players, keeping you armed and ready to take on any compatible game.

Farpoint will also be available on May 16 in North America and May 17 in Europe. If you just want the game itself, which is fully playable with a DualShock 4, it will cost $49.99 USD/$59.99 CAD/€59.99/£49.99 through retail stores or the PlayStation Store.

Developer Impulse Gear announced today that Farpoint will have an online co-op mode at launch that lets you and a friend “buddy up and enter previously completed levels to tackle enemy hoards side-by-side, racking up points for kills and accuracy as you go.”

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