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farpoint sales figures

Farpoint Is PSVR’s Best-Selling Title in the United States to Date

Three Sony published games make the top five list.

Latest Farpoint Update Includes Free DLC, New PvP Modes

Versus mode and new weapons!

Farpoint Update 1.07 Now Out, Bug Fixes and 180 Turn Option Enabled

Nice addition!

Farpoint Update 1.03 Rolled Out, Fixes Issues With Co-Op and Challenge Mode

Pretty straightforward.

PlayStation VR Aim Controller Hardware Review – Right on Target

More than just a light gun.

Farpoint Review – Aiming for Greatness (PSVR)

Does as many things right as it does wrong.

Farpoint Trailer “Building an FPS in VR” Gives Us a Peek Behind Development

It looks good, really!

Farpoint – Everything You Need to Know

Ready, aim, fire!

Latest Farpoint Trailer Is an Unboxing Video of the Aim Controller

Nice way of unboxing stuff!

PlayStation VR Aim Controller: Here’s the Five Confirmed Compatible Games

Farpoint is the only one confirmed for launch so far.

Here Are the Trophies for Farpoint

Space Trophies!

Farpoint Has Gone Gold, New Story Trailer Released

It’s almost here!

PlayStation VR sales

What Next for PlayStation VR?

It’s been six months since Sony’s device touched down, but how do things stand?

PlayStation VR Aim Controller & Farpoint Bundle Costs $79.99 USD/€89.99

Online co-op confirmed for Farpoint.

Farpoint and the PSVR Aim Controller Launch on May 16

Europe gets Farpoint on May 17.

PSX 2016 – Farpoint & PSVR Aim Controller Preview – VRShip Troopers (PSVR)

Just trying to kill some bugs, sir.

The PlayStation VR Aim Controller Will Work With More Than Just Farpoint, Sony Reveals

The games are TBA though.

E3 2016 – PlayStation VR Gun Controller Aims to Give 1:1 Tracking in FPS Games

It’s made for Farpoint.

E3 2016 – Farpoint for PlayStation VR Announced

Sci-fi? Shooter? For VR? Yes!