Latest Farpoint Update Includes Free DLC, New PvP Modes

Impulse Gear has announced today that a brand new, free expansion pack for the PlayStation VR title Farpoint is out today. The Versus Expansion Pack is free for all Farpoint owners and brings with it two new PvP modes that pit players against each other. Players will also be able to spawn creatures from the planet and use them in the fight to gain an advantage.

The two new PvP modes are fairly straight forward takes on multiplayer modes. Deathmatch is fairly obvious as to what the goal is, but Uplink adds a bit of a wrinkle. In Uplink, players must capture and hold communication relays that are dropped into the play area. Killing the other player and their enemy AI will also reward points. In addition to the two new modes, the Versus Expansion Pack also includes three new player skins and 15 new weapons that can be unlocked by gaining Player and Weapon XP.

For a bit more on the Versus Expansion Pack for Farpoint, make sure to check out below, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog:

There are 15 levels for each weapon class and you unlock a new weapon in that class every five levels. So, in addition to the five base weapons in Farpoint you know and love there are 15 new ones to unlock. These new weapons are very different from the base weapons and offer all new strategies and methods of play.

In addition to the PvP game mode, the following new features are included in the Versus Expansion Pack:

  • Player XP progression with unlockable skins
  • Weapon XP progression with 15 new weapons to unlock
  • Chaos difficulty co-op games are now significantly more chaotic!
  • Easy crouch while sitting using the crouch button toggle
  • New turning comfort settings (yes, they can all be disabled)
  • New Trophies

Farpoint is available now.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]