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Farpoint Is PSVR’s Best-Selling Title in the United States to Date

Sony doesn’t boast too often about PlayStation VR’s performance on the market, but we know it’s doing okay. With over three million units sold, the device has cultivated a niche audience. Fortunately, this niche buys games in droves. The most attractive of PSVR’s many titles, in the US at least, is Impulse Gear’s Farpoint.

According to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, Farpoint is atop the list of the five best-selling “PSVR Required” games in the States. Piscatella recently shared the list on his Twitter page:

There are a few interesting things to note about the list Piscatella provided. Chief among them is that it only included games that require PSVR. Therefore, Resident Evil 7, which features a VR option, isn’t mentioned here.

The list also only took “dollar sales” into account. Sony’s publishing three of the top five titles also warrants special attention. Of course Batman and Elder Scrolls experiences perform well, but Sony’s commitment to PlayStation VR seems to be going over well with consumers, too.

Considering the recent releases of Firewall Zero Hour and Astro Bot Rescue Mission, both of which have received stellar reviews, it’ll be interesting to see if the top five list changes anytime soon.

Another new addition to the PSVR family worth looking out for is FromSoftware’s Déraciné, which launches November 6, 2018.