The PlayStation VR Aim Controller Will Work With More Than Just Farpoint, Sony Reveals

So far only confirmed for Impulse Gear’s Farpoint, the PlayStation VR Aim Controller will also support other games, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Shawn Layden has revealed. In an interview with IGN, he said there are unannounced titles in development that will work with the Aim Controller:

We haven’t announced them yet, but yes we do. That will be a continuum of development for VR titles.

Announced earlier this year, the PSVR Aim Controller offers direct 1:1 tracking, so how you hold and where you point the controller is mimicked in the game. “This allows you to do things in Farpoint that just are not possible in a standard FPS game,” Impulse Gear said. “It also provides an unbelievable sense of presence in the virtual world.”

Layden also mentioned that he’d love to see Bandai Namco’s light-gun series Point Blank on PSVR. “It would be perfect for our peripheral,” he added.

IGN says Farpoint and the Aim Controller will be released in January 2017 (despite the game not being included in Sony’s PSVR launch lineup list). When asked on Twitter about a date for Farpoint though, Impulse Gear said, “Nothing to announce yet. Please stay tuned.”

GameStop, meanwhile, currently lists Farpoint with a June 2017 placeholder date. The game itself is listed as $49.99 USD, while a bundle of the game and Aim Controller is $79.99 USD.

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