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Platinum Games Producer JP Kellams Leaves After Almost 10 Years

March 13, 2017Written by Zarmena Khan


Jean Pierre Kellams, who worked for Platinum Games on titles such as Scalebound and Vanquish, has left the developer after almost a decade. Kellams made the announcement via an Instagram post where he shared the following message:

15 years ago, I came to Japan to fulfill my childhood dream of making games with my heroes. No matter how hard the day, I always walked into the office in awe of the creativity around me, and with the joy that working with each and every one of my coworkers brought me. It is hard to say goodbye to them, to PlatinumGames, and to Japan. Yet, embracing new challenges is part of my DNA, and after almost 10 years of working with the team (more with my Capcom/Clover days), it is time to move on to new challenges that I’m excited to share soon. I’ll be forever grateful to all people who have touched this journey, because they’ve shaped who I am.

Platinum maintains its luster forever.

We wish Kellams the best of luck in his future endeavors.

[Source: JP Kellams (Instagram – synaesthesiajp)]