Now Loading… What Motivates You to Finish Games?

While a lot of people here on PlayStation LifeStyle are fortunate enough to actually be paid to finish games, that doesn’t mean it’s super cushy job. And by “finishing,” I don’t mean getting the Platinum, but just actually getting to the very end.

For every Chandler Wood that gets all the Trophies from a single game, there’s someone like, well, me, that has a hard time finishing every game that lands on their console. Why? It depends on the individual, but for this Now Loading, I asked the PSLS crew to chime in and share what motivates them to finish games. Curious? I know you are! Check our responses below.

What’s your motivation for finishing video games? Is it because you spent money on it? Just pure joy at getting through to the end? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s get this discussion going!

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