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Now Loading…Have You Pre-Ordered a Nintendo Switch?

February 22, 2017Written by Alex Co


Here at PlayStation LifeStyle, we’re a fan of all forms of gaming believe it or not. While we’re primarily a PlayStation-focused site, we do follow multiplatform gaming news and happenings.

As some very well know, one of these big happenings is the Nintendo Switch’s retail release which is happening next week, March 3. If you pre-ordered one back when the name, price and other details were announced, there’s a chance you will get one. But for those who didn’t or haven’t, well, prepare for to wait in super long lines, or for some price gouging shenanigans.

But we’re not here to talk about whether you’ll be able to get a Nintendo Switch at launch, but whether what Nintendo has shown so far has convinced you to pre-order one. In this week’s Now Loading, the PSLS crew shares whether they pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch or not, and why.

Are you pre-ordering or have pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch? Why or why not? Same as before, we look forward to hear what you have to say in the comments.

Now Loading is a recurring staff-driven feature where PlayStation LifeStyle discusses anything video game-related under the sun (yes, even non-Sony platforms.

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