Gravity Rush 2’s Free Raven’s Choice DLC Is Live on PS4

Available as a free download to all players, The Ark of Time: Raven’s Choice DLC for Gravity Rush 2 is now live on the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe).

“This free DLC features a brand new story for Gravity Rush 2 focusing on Kat’s partner, Raven,” the description says. “Alone, Raven must battle to save the Lost Children who were left trapped inside the Ark at the end of the first Gravity Rush.”

A download size wasn’t listed for Raven’s Choice on the PlayStation Store.

According to players, a new Gravity Rush 2 update is also live today, likely adding support for the DLC.

Exophase shows that Raven’s Choice includes 11 new Trophies to unlock (two Silver, nine Bronze). Many of the Trophy descriptions feature spoilers, so we’ll just let you know that three Trophies ask you to finish Episode 2, Episode 4, and Episode 6, while another asks you to find all of the memories in the labyrinth in Episode 2.

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, there’s also a free Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration Pack for Gravity Rush 2 that includes some items.

[Source: RedditExophase]