PlayStation Europe Is Sending Out Stats Emails to Celebrate 10 Years of the PlayStation Store

To celebrate 10 years of the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Europe is sending out emails to players where they offer some interesting stats about when you joined the PlayStation Network, the game you’ve played the most, your rarest Trophy, and more.

“Help up celebrate a Decade of Play on PlayStation Store,” the email says. “Scroll down to see some of your gaming highlights. Here’s to the next 10 years!”

PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen shared his stats email, revealing that he joined the PSN on December 14, 2016, he’s played online for 1,393 hours (putting him in the top 2%), he’s played Everybody’s Golf World Tour for 1,012 hours, he spent 233 hours with FIFA 16 in 2016, his Trophy collection puts him in the top 1%, and he owns 475 digital games – which is only 8% of all the games on the PlayStation Store.

DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky also shared his stats and, unsurprisingly, DriveClub is his most played game:

You can see some more player stats here and here.

According to Owen, only people signed up to receive emails from PlayStation were sent the information. Even if you sign up right now, he thinks it’s unlikely you’ll get the message because “the email batch has already been sent.”

Sony did something similar in North America in November.

What are some interesting stats from your email?

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