PlayStation’s Romance App is One of Our Favorite April Fools’ Day Joke

The internet is inundated with April Fools’ Day jokes today and the video games industry is no exception. One of our favorite jokes, however, is PlayStation Asia’s romance app. Having looked at the features, we think the company might be on to something.

Over on its Facebook page, PlayStation described its hypothetical “Playr” app as follows:

Introducing the PlayStation Playr app, the only app any gaming geek will need to find romance on the PlayStation Network!

The PlayStation Playr app features:

– Active vibration feedback

– Personalised avatars

– Romance levelling system

– Interactive VR dates

– Location-based profile matching

– Four player hotseat support

– Online multiplayer support

– Offline profile saves

– Lovely lavender scent

– Splitscreen action

Out soon for all of you lovers and players, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

You know what, I don’t think I’d mind having Playr!

Among tons of other jokes floating the web, here are some notable ones:

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