Report: BioWare Outsourced Mass Effect Andromeda Animation Work, Relied Heavily on New Technology

Video game historian Liam Robertson, who is known for his work as well as some accurate leaks in the past, released a video over the weekend in which he reveals a possible explanation for what went wrong with Mass Effect Andromeda‘s animations. Robertson says he spoke to his sources within the studio on condition of anonymity, and they allege that BioWare heavily relied on the new Cyberscan technology instead of employing artists, and outsourced the work quite a bit.

In fact, one source told Robertson that BioWare didn’t see a need to further polish the animations and when they “went out of their way” to offer to do additional work, they were “turned away.”

Robertson further clarified with TechRaptor that he was told these decisions were coming from “pretty far up” and were “beyond the control of the team on the ground floor.”

The video is about seven minutes long and you can check it out above.

Let us know what you think of this.

[Source: Liam Robertson via TechRaptor]