Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.39 Fixes Vehicle Handling Issue

Less than 100MB on PlayStation 4 and PC, and 747MB on Xbox One, Grand Theft Auto V update 1.39 is now available to download, Rockstar has announced. As the one patch note shows, today’s update fixes the issue where some cars would spin out when making a hard left:

  • Update to address handling issues affecting some GTA Online vehicles, including steering on the Pegassi Infernus Classic.

Yesterday, Rockstar Games announced that the Grotti Turismo Classic is now available at Legendary Motorsport. “If you’re sick of space-age hypercars with dashboards smarter than you, you’ll feel right at home in this stripped-back addition to the Sports Classic class,” they wrote.

Locked to the Rocket Voltic, Bumblee is the latest Special Vehicle Race to be featured as the Premium Race. Through April 10, you’ll earn Triple RP.

Expect a big update to hit GTA Online later this spring/summer that includes new weaponized vehicles and new missions.

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