Race the Sun Update Next Week Brings PlayStation VR Support, First-Person Mode

On April 18, the PlayStation 4 version of Race the Sun will receive an update that adds full PlayStation VR support, a first-person mode, the relaxing Sunrise mode, and new portal destinations.

“Ever since our earliest days with Race The Sun on Kickstarter, some players have been asking for VR support,” developer Flippfly said. “We’re happy to announce that this is finally happening on April 18th! All game modes will be playable in VR. To enable VR, just select the option from the menu. To exit VR mode, simply turn off the headset.”

First-person mode can be turned on in the pause menu, or by pressing the Square button at any time during gameplay. “We’ve found that some players find this mode to be more comfortable in VR, while some players prefer the standard behind view,” Flippfly added.

As for Sunrise mode, it doesn’t have high scores and doesn’t get more difficult as you progress, so it’s meant as a way to relax and enjoy the game. The new worlds, meanwhile, will be discovered when you enter a portal. “Now, instead of always going to Void when entering a portal, you will randomly be taken to one of five destinations,” Flippfly said. “The portal destination changes daily to keep things fresh.”

Race the Sun is available for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita (complete with cross-buy), priced at $9.99 USD/£7.39. It was previously offered to PlayStation Plus members in the May 2015 Instant Game Collection.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]