Kaz Hirai Talks PSVR’s Advantage Over Competitors, Says Sony Wants to Take VR Beyond Games

Sony’s President Kazuo Hirai has that the company’s virtual reality segment is in an advantageous position compared to its competitors and that once PlayStation VR has been established, there will be potential to use and promote the technology for non-gaming purposes as well.

In a recent interview with Financial Review, Hirai said:

Once we’re able to establish VR as a great entertainment platform, first with game content, then the potential for other non-game content is obviously there. The fact that for ours, all you need is the PS4 and the PlayStation VR is a massive advantage for us, because we already have such a big install base.

He also said that there are “a lot” of business groups currently working on “professional cameras” for VR content creation, which Sony Pictures and Sony Music are also involved in. Hirai further explained:

So as a company it’s important that VR is successful, not just because it helps the video game business but in fact the tide actually lifts all the Sony boats. We stand probably to benefit more than some of the other companies that are pursuing VR, because we are involved in so many different aspects that touch the VR experience and the content creation.

For the full interview, follow the link below.

[Source: Financial Review via Upload VR]