ARK Developer Addresses Late Easter Event on Consoles

ARK: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard has spoken out on its Easter event for consoles as well as holiday events for the game in general in response to fans asking why the developer did not prepare for an Easter event this year.

The studio’s Lead Community Manager and Associate Producer, Jatheish Karunakaran, went on Twitter to explain that holiday events, including Easter, aren’t integrally part of the game but the studio does them if they’re able to as a bonus.

He further explains that, at times, other work takes priority over working on in-game holiday events. And in the case of Easter this year, the studio is currently busy working on finishing the development of the main game.

He then says that for Easter this year the studio decided to just bring back some of the content from last year’s Easter event as it wouldn’t require a major update to implement. But he also reveals that the Easter event for console will be delayed and will be released with the game’s next major version release.

According to Jatheish, the next major version update for ARK on the PlayStation 4 is set for release on the April 24 and it will bring with it a slew of major updates including a new inventory system UI along with the Easter event content.

Lastly, Jaseith says that the studio is currently discussing how to better handle holiday events so they can be properly included in the studio’s development pipeline.

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