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Ark: Survival Evolved on PS Plus Cost Sony $3.5 Million

An SEC filing has revealed that Ark: Survival Evolved PS Plus offer earlier this year cost Sony a whopping $3.5 million. The game was part of PS Plus’ March 2022 lineup before the major revamp and stayed on the service for a month, following which players who continued to subscribe could keep the game forever. According to the filing, Sony entered negotiations with Snail Games (Studio Wildcard owner) all the way back in November 2021.

Ark: Survival Evolved PS Plus cost more than Game Pass release

The SEC filing, originally spotted by ARK YouTuber GP (via Twitter user @ethangach), further reveals that Microsoft paid $2.5 million to keep Ark: Survival Evolved on Game Pass for the first half of this year and $2.3 million to add ARK 2 to the service upon launch. The major difference between the PS Plus and Game Pass offer, which explains why one cost a million dollars more than the other, is that Sony allowed players to keep the game forever as long as their PS Plus membership remained active. Game Pass, like the new PS Plus tiers, keeps games in its catalog for a specific period of time, following which players can no longer access them.

Nevertheless, that’s a hefty price tag!