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PlayStation Plus March 2022 Lineup Apparently Leaked (Updated)

Update 2:

The leak was accurate. Sony has confirmed that March 2021’s PS Plus lineup will include Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4), Ghostrunner (PS5), Team Sonic Racing (PS4), and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS4, PS5).

Update 1:

Billbil-kun has said that their original post wasn’t deciphered correctly. The three games that they claim will be part of March 2022 lineup are: Ghost of Tsushima Legends (platforms not known), Ghostrunner (platforms not known), and Team Sonic Racing (PS4).

Original Story:

Dealabs user billbil-kun, who is known for accurately leaking PlayStation Plus monthly games, has returned after a brief hiatus. And this time, they appear to be teasing two of the three incoming games rather than listing them all outright. “I got interested in Ark: Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing recently, and still want to buy them to play on my PS5,” billbil-kun wrote (translation via ResetEra). “Knowing that I don’t really have any money, I really hesitate to buy them. But hey, in the end, maybe I’ll wait until the beginning of next month.”

When will Sony announce PS Plus March 2022 lineup?

Sony typically announces PS Plus lineup on the last Wednesday of the month. That’s today so we expect the blog post to go live anytime now. Nevertheless, if billbil-kun’s history is anything to go by, both games are a lock and should go live on Tuesday, March 2nd. As far as the third game is concerned, it’s likely to be a PS5 title since both Ark: Survival Evolved and Team Sonic Racing are PS4 games. Worth noting that Team Sonic Racing was already part of a recent PS Now lineup so we have a bit of an overlap yet again.

You have until Monday to claim February 2022’s PS Plus games: Planet Coaster, Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, and UFC 4.

Opinion: I hope the third game is a pleasant surprise

Zarmena writes… I don’t remember the last time I cared to download any of the games included in a PS Plus lineup. As a PS5 owner, the only reason I even have a subscription is because of cloud saves. With boredom-inducing lineups and a lack of interest in multiplayer, I really don’t feel like PS Plus has much to offer for folks like me. Where’s Spartacus, Sony!?

In other news, Shadow Warrior 3 is the first game that’ll launch on PS Now, and Call of Duty 2023 has reportedly been delayed.

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