Next Destiny Hotfix Will Conclude Endless Trials of Osiris Matches

Destiny and Destiny 2 developer Bungie has just posted its latest “This Week at Bungie” post on the studio’s official website and one of the topics the new post covers is the studio’s next hotfix for Destiny, which is simply called update

As with most hotfixes and patches, it is expected to address several issues still present in the game. And one of the more notable updates coming with the latest hotfix is the long-awaited fix for Trials of Osiris matches that don’t end and keep going on almost endlessly.

The studio says that a fix for the issue is already being tested and will come with the next hotfix. Another issue being remedied with the new hotfix is the endless notifications issue that some players have been experiencing.

The new hotfix is planned for release sometime within the month and Bungie will be released more information on the new patch as well as its exact release date soon.

[Source: Bungie]