Days Gone Developer Sony Bend Expands to Bigger Studio

It isn’t uncommon for development studios to grow during a big project and downsize once the product has shipped, but it looks like Days Gone developer Sony Bend has different plans for its current workforce as the company is planning to move to a new studio later this year to accommodate its now larger roster due to the development of Days Gone.

The studio is moving to the Crane Shed Commons in Bend, Oregon, which is a 50,000-square-foot, four-story office building to accommodate its current workforce which has more than double since the development of Days Gone began. Last July, the Bulletin reported, in an interview with Studio Director Chris Reese, that the studio had from about 45 to 103 employees during the game’s development.

The supposed permanent increase in Sony Bend’s workforce could imply that Sony has long term plans for the studio. Although, whether it involves a possible Days Gone sequel or another IP is yet to be known. Regardless, this is good news for both the game development industry as well as the PS4 community as a whole as we can expect more games to come out from the studio.

[Source: The Bulletin via Gamasutra]