2D Platform Fighter Brawlhalla Launches This Summer for PS4, Closed Beta Begins in May

A free-to-play 2D platform fighter, Brawlhalla is releasing in summer 2017 for PlayStation 4, Blue Mammoth Games announced today. It’s currently available in early access on Steam and has seen more than five million players.

A Closed Beta on PS4 will begin in May, and you can sign up on the official website. Those who participate in the beta will receive an exclusive in-game avatar and free character unlock when Brawlhalla launches this summer.

Creative Director Matt Woomer offered up an overview of Brawlhalla, which supports up to eight players online or locally:

If you aren’t familiar with Brawlhalla, imagine a classic platform fighting game – you pick a character, and then run, jump, dodge and hit until you knock your opponent off the stage. (Or you get knocked off yourself – it happens.) Next, imagine you can pick up weapons that completely change your playstyle mid-match. Now imagine this is happening in Valhalla, a golden hall filled with the greatest warriors from every time and place, where Odin has created the Grand Tournament in a vain attempt to keep these warriors from tearing the place apart.

Now imagine you have triple jump, you didn’t pay anything for the game, and you’re having tons of fun fighting with three friends on the couch, and four more online. Now imagine it all in glorious, hand-drawn 2D.

Woomer also notes that Brawlhalla was built from the ground up “to play great online, to be very easy to pick up and play, and to be free-to-play — not pay-to-win.” The description adds that the only thing initially locked in Brawlhalla are Legends, which can be purchased with currency earned by the playing the game.

In terms of modes in Brawlhalla, you’ll find Online Ranked 1v1, Online Ranked 2v2, 4 Player Online Free for All, 8 Players 4v4 and Free for All, Local Free for All, Local Custom Teams, and Local Single Player (you fight bots in a three game tournament series). There’s also alternate game modes, including Brawlball and Bombsketball.

Post-launch, Blue Mammoth “will continue to update and support Brawlhalla with continued content patches.”

You can read our PSX 2016 preview of Brawlhalla over here.

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