Upcoming God of War Takes Place “Well Before the First Vikings”

While not a lot of info is known about Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming God of War (God of War 4? God of War: The Reboot?), we do know now that it won’t feature vikings — contrary to what people might have expected based from the reveal.

This info was confirmed by God of War Game Director Cory Barlog on Twitter when he was asked by a fan whether iconic vikings will be making an appearance in the game.

Barlog was also asked by fans (on Twitter) whether there’s any new God of War news, and why it’s taking so damn long.

Let’s hope that we hear more God of War news at this year’s E3. What we know so far is that Kratos’ son is named Atreus, it’s playable from start to finish, and there is the scant chance that it could be released later this year. If you’ve watched the trailer and want more to chew on, check out our breakdown that reveals quite a few secrets.

[Source: Cory Barlog (Twitter) via TheWolfHall]