Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Patch and World Cup Country Rankings

With the Overwatch World Cup well underway and reaching its third phase (group stage), Blizzard has released patch notes for its most recent update across all platforms alongside a ranking of the current top 32 countries.

First things first, here’s what the latest update brings:


  • Added a slider for aim smoothing. This can be found under the “Controls” tab in the “Options menu. Click “Advanced” under the “Controller” heading

Competitive Play

  • On Assault and Assault/Escort Maps, teams now need to capture at least 33% of the objective before the tie-breaking system is activated



  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the end-of-round screen


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the payload from showing damage until after the escort phase in the Overwatch Uprising brawl
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to get under the payload using certain heroes’ movement abilities in the Overwatch Uprising brawl
  • Fixed a bug that caused Genji’s “You’ve rescued me again, Dr. Ziegler” voice line to play after being resurrected in the Overwatch Uprising brawl, regardless of which hero performed the resurrection
  • Fixed an issue causing the chat window to block the ‘refresh’ button when the Overwatch Uprising leaderboards were open
  • [PS4] The “Handle With Care” Achievement now correctly states the payload must remain above 80% health
  • [PS4/XB1] The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks stats from Sombra’s Hack
  • [PS4/XB1] The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks Ana’s healing stats

Custom Games and Game Browser

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ‘Start Game Mode’ button from appearing when creating a Capture the Flag or Elimination game


  • Fixed a bug that gave Genji’s Dragonblade ability a slightly increased swing speed while at a higher latency. Dragonblade’s default swing speed has been slightly increased to compensate
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Genji’s Dragonblade ability from registering hits correctly
  • Fixed a bug to prevent hit effects from being inflicted on D.Va’s human form while piloting the mech
  • [PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug causing D.Va’s hair to appear inflexible during her Selfie highlight intro when her Palanquin skin was equipped
  • [PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug causing the ice on Pharah’s Frostbite skin to stretch when her Flair emote was activated
  • [PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug causing textures to flicker during Roadhog’s Feast highlight intro
  • [PS4/XB1] Fixed a bug causing Soldier: 76’s cape to clip during the Push-Ups emote when his Strike Commander Morrison, Daredevil: 76, or Stunt Rider: 76 skin was equipped


  • Fixed a bug causing glass that has been shattered by an explosion to be colored black

As far as the country rankings are concerned, Blizzard says it’s tracking skill ratings of the top 100 players from every country to determine its average rating. Here are the top 32:

  1. China – 4550
  2. South Korea – 4522
  3. United States – 4470
  4. Sweden – 4309
  5. Finland – 4295
  6. United Kingdom – 4293
  7. Canada – 4291
  8. France – 4268
  9. Denmark – 4259
  10. Russia – 4221
  11. Germany – 4219
  12. Japan – 4184
  13. Australia – 4184
  14. Chinese Taipei – 4162
  15. Netherlands – 4147
  16. Hong Kong – 4113
  17. Norway – 4101
  18. Poland – 4093
  19. Brazil – 4071
  20. Italy – 4068
  21. Spain – 4051
  22. Israel – 4007
  23. Singapore – 4002
  24. Thailand – 3999
  25. Argentina – 3992
  26. Turkey – 3960
  27. Belgium – 3942
  28. Vietnam – 3941
  29. Portugal – 3930
  30. New Zealand – 3922
  31. Austria – 3900
  32. Romania – 3861

If you’re interested in following the World Cup, head over here.