Hi-Rez Apologizes for Game-Breaking Smite Console Patch

Hi-Rez Studios released the latest patch (Patch 4.7) for Smite’s console version the other day and it turns out many players have experienced game-breaking issues since its release, including freezes and crashes, making the game practically unplayable. Today, Hi-Rez Executive Producer Chris Larson has replied to a post on Reddit apologizing for the issues and explaining what the studio plans to do.

In his reply, Chris Larson called the incident “unacceptable” and that the studio was already doing an internal review of what they can improve on moving forward. He also announced that the studio may move all their testing in-house as their external testing team weren’t able to spot such a critical problem.

We are pioneers in this space (patching console every two weeks) and there are many things we are learning on how to do this correctly. This is solidly on us and I promise we are making adjustments to make this better for an important segment of Smite.

As for when the problems will be fixed, the official Smite Twitter account tweeted that a hotfix for the PlayStation 4 version of the game would be released tomorrow. Hopefully, the hotfix will remedy the issues the new patch caused.

[Source: Reddit, Smite (Twitter)]