WipEout Omega Collection Beta Confirmed, Starts Tomorrow

Announced at last year’s PlayStation Experience keynote, the WipEout Omega Collection apparently has an invite-only beta, and it’s happening tomorrow!

According to PSU, a selected group of people have received their invites confirming the WipEout Omega Collection beta starts tomorrow, May 4, and that testers will have Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to play the racer with 1.5 hours of game time each day it’s available. Yeah, it’s not the ideal setup, which might be the reason why the beta isn’t made public.

Additionally, the WipEout Omega Collection is said to weigh in at 23GB, what’s more, beta players will be able to access the full campaign. It will have a Photo Mode according to the Sony XDev Europe Twitter account.

Set for release this June 6 on the PS4, WipEout Omega Collection compiles WipEout HD, WipEout Fury and WipEout 2048 in one psychedelic package.

Did you get an invite? Are you picking this up come June 6?

[Source: PSU, Sony XDev Europe (Twitter)]