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Now Loading…Should Dead Space 4 Happen or Should It Remain in Stasis?

With E3 2017 just a month away, our imaginations are running wild again with the prospect of new game announcements, franchise revivals and more.

One such franchise we’re curious if it’ll make a comeback or not is EA and Visceral Games’ Dead Space franchise. While we haven’t heard anything from the series in years, Visceral did say that they think the franchise is “not dead,” and that they’d love to return to the series. So will EA pull a necromorph-aton (sorry! couldn’t resist!) at E3 and announce Dead Space 4? We have no clue. However, the staff weighs in on whether they want to see Dead Space 4, the franchise be rebooted, or should EA just focus on a new horror IP in this week’s Now Loading! What do we think? Yeah, check the gallery below to find out.

What do you think? Should Dead Space 4 be a reality? Should it be rebooted or remain dormant a few more years? Let us know what you think in the comments, alright?

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