Puzzle Showdown 4K Announced, Out This Month

If you need more puzzle action in your life, then you’re in luck! 70 Times 7 has announced Puzzle Showdown 4K — a multiplayer puzzle game (duh) that’s all about jigsaw puzzles with over 100 Ultra HD 4K puzzles!

Check out the gameplay in the video above, and we’ve also listed down the game’s features straight from the press release.

Puzzle Showdown 4K is a fun new way to build jigsaw puzzles.  Play it casually in single player or with up to four friends in a puzzle building showdown.  Includes over 100 Ultra HD 4K puzzles, five hours of music and a Showcase mode to listen and view all that wonderful content.



Options Galore 

Showcase Mode

Puzzle Showdown 4K will be out this May 23 on PlayStation 4 for $9.99.

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