Absolver Launches on August 29 for PS4 & PC

Absolver, an online action game, is releasing digitally on August 29 for PlayStation 4 and PC, Devolver Digital and developer Sloclap announced today. In the new trailer, you’ll get an overview of the combat.

Devolver Digital says, “Absolver puts players behind the mask of a Prospect, who has taken a sacred vow and chosen to join the Absolvers, an elite corps of combatants fighting to maintain stability in the world. Prospects will choose a combat style, each with their own special abilities, and assemble their own custom Combat Deck to create a personal fighting system in intense, real-time combat. Choose to wander the land alone, with friends, or find a mentor to spar and learn from to become a more polished warrior.”

At the beginning of Absolver, you’ll choose from one of three combat styles, but more can be discovered. Here’s what to expect from the starting three:

  • Kahlt Method – Absorb hits without being stunned or pushed back, and regain lost health with every successful counter attack.
  • Forsaken – Balanced and powerful, prospects can parry enemy attacks and briefly stun opponents.
  • Windfall – Greater dexterity and will, prospects can avoid enemy attacks leaving them open to a powerful counter attack.

According to the FAQ on Reddit featuring answers from Sloclap, a price is TBD, micro-transactions aren’t planned, there will be pre-order bonuses, a number of free DLCs are already planned, and the post-launch content should include new attacks, combat styles, weapons, game modes, and tournaments. Sloclap is also planning PS4 Pro support.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Reddit]