Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets the Fallen Ghosts Expansion on May 30

Fallen Ghosts, the second major expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands, is releasing on May 30 for Season Pass owners, Ubisoft announced today. Non-Season Pass owners will be able to purchase Fallen Ghosts separately beginning on June 6 for $14.99 USD.

A direct continuation of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ main story, Fallen Ghosts sees the Ghosts getting shot down in the middle of the jungle, and the heavily-armed Los Extranjeros faction is closing in. When facing Los Extranjeros, you’ll notice four main types: Armored (equipped with heavy bulletproof plates), Elite Snipers (have advanced movement detectors), Jammers (neutralize drones and interfere with electronic equipment), and Covert Ops (cloaking device makes them almost invisible).

There’s 15 mission in the Fallen Ghosts campaign, fully playable in four-player co-op, and the goal is to take down four new bosses in three different regions. These missions are set in the jungle and swampland, and Ubisoft has retooled the weather system to “make things a little more intense.”

Ubisoft adds:

This new campaign starts players with a new level 30 character equipped with all the main game skills, and an increased level cap of 35. Nine new unlockable skills are also available, including physical skills (Oxygen increases the time you can swim underwater, Reaction Marking heightens your senses, allowing you to tag anyone who shoots at you), weapon (Explosive Bolt lets you equip your new crossbow with explosive bolts, Fast Reload increases your dexterity letting you reload weapons faster) and drone skills (Flash Drone turns your drone into a mobile flashbang, Drone Vengeance equips it with an explosive payload which detonates if it’s shot down by an enemy.)

There’s also six new weapons, four new side-activity types, and tweaked Advanced and Expert difficulties included with Fallen Ghosts.

Fallen Ghosts is the last of the major expansions included in the Season Pass.

[Source: Ubi Blog]