Nex Machina Releases on June 20 for PS4 & PC, Local Co-Op Announced

Arcade-style twin-stick shooter Nex Machina from Housemarque is releasing on June 20 for PlayStation 4 and PC, the studio announced today. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll save 20% off the regular $19.99 USD/£15.99 price by pre-ordering.

Housemarque also revealed that Nex Machina will include local co-op, allowing two people to play side-by-side, either competing against each other or helping each other out. The new trailer today includes co-op footage and a look at the Winter Tide level.

Here’s what Housemarque had to say about the June 20 release date:

This is the day that Housemarque’s arcade games will go down in infamy for creating one of the simplest, but the purest action arcade games of our generation. A game that will remind you of the arcade classics of the 80’s but add on modern technology to complement that pure twin-stick joy.

The studio’s Head of Publishing, Mikael Haveri, told DualShockers that Nex Machina should include PS4 Pro support in the form of increased resolution. “We’re just trying to figure out what the optimal resolution is that we can tie in with the 60 frames-per-second because that is a must for this title,” he explained. “We can’t promise any specific resolutions right now, but that’s currently what we’re trying to polish and figure out.”

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