Housemarque Considers Nex Machina Season Pass, Seeking Feedback From Players

Although the game has only just launched, Housemarque is already looking at ways of bringing new content to Nex Machina. Just as the game is a non-stop arcade shooter, the developers themselves seem incapable of sitting still. For Nex Machina fans, this is a good thing!

Before putting in the time and effort required to create downloadable content, Housemarque has tweeted the following question to its fans:

While most users are responding with a choice of “A,” Housemarque seems to be thinking that option “B” would be better. 

Let us know in the comments which option you’d choose.

If you’re still undecided on whether to pick this title up, be sure to read our Nex Machina review, in which we say “Eugene Jarvis and Housemarque have come together to create one of the best playing twin-stick shooters ever made.”

[Source: Twitter @Housemarque]