Ubisoft Says For Honor Season 2 Update Didn’t Go Live on Consoles Properly, Releases Fix

Earlier this week, For Honor received a live update (v1.07.1) which was meant to coincide with the launch of Season 2. Unfortunately, however, it never made it onto consoles, leaving players with a version of the game that Ubisoft says was “never intended to go live.” The developer has now rectified the error and has released a new update that makes several adjustments alongside addressing various issues. You can find the full patch notes below:


[PS4/XONE] Activation of the live update that was supposed to be enabled on Tuesday May 16 for the release of Season 2.

  • Revived team mate limited to once per round.
  • Warden Shoulder bash fixed : target switch allows during charge.


[PC/PS4/XONE] Centurion and Shinobi were not able to unlock Orders

Description: The centurion and Shinobi are now consider as “Hybrid” and therefore can unlock the following Orders:

  • Dance of Death (Hybrid)
  • Dance of Death (Assassin)
  • Squad Action (Hybrid)
  • Squad Action (Assassin)
  • Tour of Duty (Hybrid)
  • Tour of Duty (Assassin)



Light combo and Light finishers

  • Hit recovery increased by 200ms (700ms instead of 500ms).

Grab tech / Heavy parried less punishing

  • The animation duration which push him on ground is now 400ms shorter (from 1300ms to 900ms).
  • He is pulled on a shorter distance (distance is now of 2.5m regardless the distance between the Ninja and his target).

Sickle Rain mix-up

  • The heavy in the Sickle Rain mix-up is now guaranteed. (The Heavy which put the opponent on his knee)
  • [Bug Fix] Shinobi’s Kick and Tackle does not ignore Shugoki’s Super Armor anymore.



  • Kick cost increased from 12 to 25.
  • Branching into Heavy Finisher is delayed by 200ms. (Heavy Finisher is no longer guaranteed).
  • Branching into Light Attack is 100ms faster. (Light is now guaranteed after kick hit).


  • Branching into Heavy Finisher after throwback is delayed by 300ms.
  • It makes it blockable in all situation and parryable (It was already the case in for Front throw).

Jump Attack

  • The last 400ms of the Jump Attack is now dodgeable.

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[Source: Ubisoft]