Far Cry 5 Allows Players to Traverse Its World Freely, Ubisoft Aims to Make It “Believable”

Ubisoft wants Far Cry 5 to give players more freedom in how they traverse the world and meet people, allowing them to create different moment-to-moment experiences. At the recent preview event for the game, PlayStation LifeStyle got a chance to sit down with Executive Producer and Creative Director, Dan Hay, to ask how the game’s world compares to previous entries and what players can expect from it.

“I can’t answer specifically how big the world is yet,” said Hay while informing us that the studio will reveal more info at E3 2017. “What I can tell you is, we not only focused on making sure that it was generous, and big; we also focused on the idea that you could traverse it the way you wanted to traverse it.”

We’re told that players won’t be locked into a linear story or path so they’ll be free to move about. “You could go the direction you wanted to go, meet people in the order that you wanted to meet them, and kind of egress the world the way you wanted to be able to do it,” Hay explained.

Ubisoft says that it’s attempting to make Far Cry 5‘s world as believable as it can, noting that in real life we don’t have AI assigning us tasks in a set pattern as we walk into a room. “They [characters] have a life! They have personality. They have a job. They have an agenda. And so we just tried to put in the little nuances like that in the world to make it feel real,” said the developer.

Far Cry 5 releases on February 27, 2018. For more on the game, check out our previous coverage.